z2 - Sherrie Cronin 2.5
(Received through Goodreads First Reads)

I'm never sure how to write about or judge self published books (I'm assuming this is self published). For example, books published through well established houses are sure to have access to proper editing, as well as formatting and other such little details. So how do you judge a book that falls down on all these points possibly because there was no access to them?

I'll give it a go anyway. The story is actually really, really interesting. I found myself intrigued by the mystery of the Mayan treasure, and curious to see how everything would play out. The concepts around time were interesting, and the inclusion of extreme racism (from the point of view of how wrong such bigotry is) added another, deeper element to the story. The writing itself was fine though not exceptional, certainly no worse than many of the "bestsellers" I've read in the past Danielle Steele, for example. How she ever got published... The writing here is streets better. But I digress... however one thing really let the writing down: suffering from an awkward over-formalisation, the tendency to over explain everything through dialogue simply rang false. An example: "She's your buddy dear. The one girlfriend you've got to whom you can tell everything. Your voice goes up with excitement when you two talk."

The structure of the book needs some moving around, as does punctuation. A good deal of impact is lost simply through the placement of paragraphs. The entire "set in the future" end could do with being cut too, as the book nearly ends on a high note but then just kind of... peters out.

The story is there, and clearly well researched. It isn't predictable either. However flawed this book may be, I genuinely think it can be fixed with some decent editing. I hope the author gets the chance to do so.