Dust - Hugh C. Howey "She felt none of the fear from the last time she was sent out, but none of the deluded hope that drove many to exile. Somewhere between pointless dreams and hopeless dread was a desire to know the world, And, if possible, make it better." (page 113)

Though Dust is largely plot-driven, it is worth mentioning that the writing itself, for all its lack of elegance or beauty, is certainly better than adequate. The characters actually have individual voices - something very rarely the case in stories with multiple viewpoints. Howey pulls together threads from both prequels in a tense and dramatic lead up to the grand finale of the series.

I did find that having missed reading Shift I was left a little lost in the scenes with Charlotte and her brother - this is definitely not a novel that can be slipped into comfortably without prior knowledge of Howey’s post-apocalyptic world. It is, however, a decent conclusion to a very good trilogy, and one fans should be satisfied by.

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*I received this book from the publisher for an honest review, through the NZ Booklovers website.