It - Stephen King I can't finish this, I really can't. Every time I try, I get to just past half way, get too freaked out and have to throw on all the lights and read Marian Keyes with a soundtrack of Next Top Model or Project Runway or some other fluffy vapid TV show until I can finally stop jumping at every creak and groan my house makes. This really sucks because though I kind of know what happens next, it's not to the degree that I don't need to read it til the end still.

Also - aside from being frightened out of my wits - I absolutely love the book so far! I may give it another go when I'm on Waiheke sometime in summer, lying on the beach in the sun and scary clowns and evil things just seem silly (and if you're going to suggest that clowns are not scary you clearly haven't tried to read this, or are simply a lot braver than I am).