Paper Towns

Paper Towns - John Green I'll admit, all this talk about the amazing books by John green kinda put me off actually reading anything by John Green. My reason for this seemingly illogical decision was that his books would either be terrible, and therefore a disappointment (and right now I could really do without disappointments of both the literary and general kind), or they would be very good, but in exactly the way they are always described as being very good - slightly heartbreaking, slightly indie, very teenager-y - and I really don't feel like reading that kind of book.

But then I realised that author John Green is, in fact, you-tube video maker John Green, whom I happen to like very much. In his videos he is entertaining and well-spoken and passionate and funny, and I figured if his books are like his videos, they must be wonderful.

Not quite. Paper Towns was good. It just wasn't... great. It wasn't even that memorable. Near the end, there is a road-trip which was very realistic, and entertaining, and funny and all those other things I think John Green is. The rest just didn't really do it for me. I'm not even entirely sure why, other than the obvious cringing every time Q's friend Ben opened his mouth. If I ever again have to read the word "hunnybunny" in relation to an attractive girl (actually, in relation to anything) I may have to give up reading entirely. This is how much I detested that word. No one speaks like that and is still considered funny. Maybe I'm just totally over all that highschool stuff, because I think Green does have a really good grasp on how it is to be a teenager. Maybe I just really hated Ben. I don't know. Like I said, this wasn't bad. I think I'll just stick to his videos and let other people adore his books.