Modelland - Tyra Banks There's been a number of hilarious reviews detailing exactly how bad this book is and why, so this review is more of a long rant about people who make excuses for terrible writing. Feel free to skip through reading this.

I find it pretty amusing that many people who have given this 5 stars seem to keep saying: "well yeah the writing is really bad but Tyra doesn't have an english degree so it's okay and this book is good because the idea is so creative!!"

I could write a flowery description of one of my nightmares in excruciating detail, and it would be as "creative" than Modelland - assuming, of course that "creative" actually means demented, disturbed and utterly nonsensical. (NOTE: I have read many books that are actually demented, disturbed and nonsensical all at once - and are also amazing, beautifully written masterpieces. This is the other kind)

However I don't know if I or anyone I know could write as appallingly as Tyra has here. This is strange, because I also don't have an English degree. However, I somehow can reason, without the power of a degree, that writing lines such as 'Too-too just mouth pee-peed all over you!' is not a good idea, especially when gems such as this are liberally sprinkled across every page.

The assumption that not having an English degree somehow excuses people from terrible writing is kind of funny, but mostly just sad. Degrees do not equal good writing - Stephanie Meyer had a degree and look at the atrocities she's come out with. At the same time, hundreds of brilliant authors have never even been to university, let alone done a creative writing degree.

I like Tyra, I do. I liked her more before I read this, but as it is I mostly just feel sorry for her. The fact that she was allowed to publish this as it is, not to mention the state her head must be in to both come up with these ideas and think they are good - well, for all her riches and success lets just say I wouldn't want to be her.