The Walking Dead, Vol. 4: The Heart's Desire

The Walking Dead, Vol. 4: The Heart's Desire - Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman (Some spoilers) This particular volume frustrated me a little. I've really been enjoying Rick's "descent into madness", but found it a little forced - happening for the sake of it happening, rather than letting the character fall there at his own pace. I can understand if people disagree with this, it's just a personal feeling.

Michonne, however, really annoyed me. I've been looking forward to her appearance since day one, as friends of mine who read the series wax lyrical on how wonderful/bad-ass she is. Her entrance was promising, but then as soon as she was inside the prison walls her character became boring and needlessly antagonistic in equal terms. If she is so glad to be there, why risk screwing things up by sleeping with Tyreese?

That being said, among all the unexpected deaths and promiscuity, there were still mostly good points that I enjoyed reading. The series is continuing on a fairly high note, and I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter.