In the Woods

In the Woods  - Tana French (4.5 stars) - full (and better) review to follow later.

Oh ms French, why do you torture me so?

The first half of this was utterly brilliant. As far as crime novels go, this one really does have it all: tightly plotted story, plenty of intrigue, flawed, likeable characters and great great writing, right done to the cold case that may or may not link to the present murder of a young girl.

In the second half, things turned into a little bit of a blur. Dead end followed dead end, and while far from losing interest, I did start to get frustrated. The worst part is that following all of these dead ends, the cold case isn't ever even begun to be solved, and on top of that the brilliant partnership between Cassie and Rob falls apart for the stupidest of reasons. I'm all in favour of non-perfect endings and cliffhangers, but arrrgh, Rob - why would you be so stupid???.

The revelation of the murderer was hugely unexpected to me, though the signs are there - to a point - now that I look back. The result of this revelation had me screaming (silently) in frustration and anger, though this was more at the state of the law than at the plot itself. There were a few other faults, and many other moments worthy of high praise. I would suggest reading it yourself to discover these, I have no desire to give away all of the secrets of this book. I will be devouring the sequel as soon as possible.

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