Die Trying

Die Trying - Lee Child I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that reading is not boring, pointless, or just plain stupid, and so I'm on a quest to find him things to read that might change his mind. I have a feeling he may like Jack Reacher, so I'm going to re-read the series I think, just to make sure.

It's a tricky business - if I give him a book that doesn't beat his expectations, he may not make another attempt. I have to tread carefully.

Oh, and I can hear you thinking "why would you start with Die Trying, it's not the first/best/shortest/easiest to read etc etc...?"
- to which my answer is "hmmmm yes but it's all I have - for now"

Anyway, I remember really loving Jack, and Lee Child's style of writing, so even if my quest fails then at least I get to read some good "boy" books again.