Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins This was... Ok. That's it. It's hugely disappointing to have to admit that the long-awaited for (on my part - a line of 2103 people ahead of me in the library holds-list? Really?) conclusion to The Hunger Games was, in fact, no more than "ok".

There were a few redeeming moments that brings it to a solid three stars for me. I'm glad Collins continued to not gloss over death and destruction, really showing the effects of humanity's stupidity and ego. Finnick's death, however, I am not ok with. Not only was it devastating - which is something I can deal with if it helps the story - but it seemed completely unnecessary. There are so many other sad and horrible deaths, and his is such a "blink and you'll miss it" moment... No. Not happy.

Everything with Peeta was weird. His whole storyline felt forced somehow, as false as his new memories, if you'll allow the terrible simile.

In all, I read it through as quickly as the others, just as desperate to find out what happens, the only difference is that I was somewhat let down by the revelations. Read it, but only if you can't handle not knowing how Katniss' story ends.