Catching Fire

Catching Fire  - Suzanne  Collins 3.7 stars

Not as good as the Hunger Games, but definitely worth reading.

"My findings"

The plot was a little more muddled than in the first book. Things were laid out a little less clearly - perhaps because a lot more happened? I'm not sure. I found myself having to re-read a few parts because I'd skimmed over them a little and then had no idea what was happening a paragraph later.

I liked the treatment of the start of the revolutions in the districts. It was made very clear how the actions of a few deeply impact the rest of society. I would, however have liked it to be made more clear exactly what happened to result in this all-powerful President. Maybe this is coming out of frustration at all of this insta-dystopia in other books rather than through any fault in the Hunger Games trilogy. In any case, this particular dystopian society is not so far-removed from today's society as to be completely unbelievable.

There were a few poignant and beautifully handled moments, including a part where a whistled song leads to a gesture of solidarity from another district, and results in the whistler's instant death. this one page gets across the doctrine of fear and oppression these people live under far more clearly than even the hunger games themselves do.

Though Katniss is not my favourite heroine, I like that she admits her flaws and makes an effort to overcome them - young adults could do a lot worse in a heroine. I remain invested enough in these characters to actually care what happens to them, and will happily read the next book.Though Catching Fire is far from perfect, it kept me turning the pages and is a satisfying and worthy sequel to its predecessor.