A Storm of Swords

A Storm of Swords - George R.R. Martin I cant do it.

Yes, yes, I am giving up on this series. I struggled hugely through this book (ending in skim-reading the last quarter) and now I hear that the next two are even slower and even less readable!

I still adore some characters and enjoy loathing others. I'm not ready or willing to end my association with A Game of Thrones, merely stick to the tv series for now. Maybe when I have the time or energy to read through tons of depressing, mundane details I will attempt this again.

No, never mind, I know wheat happens to everyone - does it matter if I miss out on knowing what they ate, drank, looked at/like, fucked etc? I think not.

It's not awful. Don't not read it on my account. It just goes on and on and on... Like I said: I'll stick to the series. At least that way I can properly perve on Jon.