My Favourite Goodbye

My Favourite Goodbye - Sheila O'Flanagan I'm not entirely sure why I finished this. The very definition of a beach read, and I suppose lying on a beach in perfect relation made me a little more open to finishing anything, even this unbelievable fluff. Ash's anxiety came across as very unbelievable to me, and (having experienced huge anxiety I think it's within my rights to say this) came across as very clich├ęd. The ending was terrible. really, really terrible.

The focus on money was alien to me, the disregard for basic human feelings exhibited by all of the main characters made me hate nearly all of them, and there were only a few really likeable moments, all of which I have now forgotten. Didn't stop me picking up another book by the same author (happened to be a few of her books at the bach I was staying at) but I would not really suggest you do the same where "My Favourite Goodbye" is concerned.