So Me

So Me - Graham Norton 3.5

I could go in depth about how the writing isn't great, the "plot" meanders and skips things and grammar is questionable but lets be honest: people do not read these kinds of books for their literary merits. There usually are none. No, I read this book because I like Graham Norton, adore his show and knew nothing about him as a person.

Well, this definitely delivers. All the sordid details of his past, including an almost-time as a rent boy, failed relationships and steamy hookups, celebrity gossip and his personal opinions on a lot of random things.

He's been stabbed (no, literally - in a mugging. With a knife.) accidentally had his appendix out, spent christmas with his mother at Sharon Stone's place - ohh, no, I won't ruin it for you.

It's not the best celebrity memoir/biography I've ever read. It's not the most in depth, the best written, the shortest, the longest. But it does what it was intended to do: gives insight into the life and mind of the funniest chat-show host in Britain.