82 Modern Style Ideas to Create at Home

82 Modern Style Ideas to Create at Home - Inside Out Magazines This would honestly have been so, so much better without words. An example? Idea number 3: Flag table. Instructions: "Iron a flag, and simply place it over your table. Tip: Check the washing instructions, as your flag is bound to get dirty." This took up one entire page.

Other gems include the wallpaper tree decal ("What you'll need: Wallpaper "Tree" by Inke Heiland, ladder, someone to help you") and floor stencils - the pictured example of which "requires a high skill level". (It's a plain pink and white flower. Painted by stencil. A child could do it.)

Though some of the ideas are vaguely interesting, if somewhat expensive to make, a lot just look plain silly - the kind of thing I remember making as a ten year old at school holiday workshops. I found the book fairly patronising and can only assume that it's aimed at people with no creativity whatsoever, and skills (or lack thereof) to match.

However the design and layout of the actual book is really quite lovely. Shame about those pesky words...