Burn  - Julianna Baggott

Ok. Here's part of my more coherent "official" review (full review here)

Though Burn doesn’t quite meet the sheer perfection of Fuse, Baggot’s words are once again placed with meticulous care; her world is still darkly gorgeous, if a little more haunting than before. Her characters are more flawed than ever and - for the most part - they are wonderful for it. Something about her writing really draws the reader in, creating a visceral experiencing of the plot that lingers long after you finish reading. I literally did not (could not) put this down until I had devoured every word.

Baggot is a brave author, staying true to her story no matter how sorrowful the outcome. By the last page I was heartbroken (no happy endings here) but this is a fitting end to a stunning series: raw, desolate and ultimately hopeful.

Heartbroken. This book... She... He... The end... The end is perfect for the series but not nice, not nice at all. Heartbreakingly right but also awful. I'll write a coherent review later when I have moved on from my grief a little.

Ok, four stars would just be petty as it really is a five star book. But that last star... I want to take it away out of revenge for the heartbreak. (I won't. But I want to)

and... I have to go to work. Cruel world... Still, in just over five hours I can finally devour it and I'm terrified that it'll let me down but also have the utmost faith that Baggot's gorgeous writing will amaze me once more.


Apparently this is in the post. In the post. "Delivery may take from 7 to 10 working days" - so I could be reading it... tomorrow. Or next week. Or the week after if it gets delayed which could happen but I cannot deal with that because it's already been MONTHS and ahhhhhhhhh so much excitement and anticipation I need this in my hands NOW.