Glamour - Louise Bagshawe This book is utterly ridiculous. There is not a single thing I found authentic about any of the characters, and the actual plot was so implausible (and non-existent) that I have no idea how anyone could think it makes any sense. And yet, in some weird way, I found myself enjoying this. Oh, I don't think Glamour is any good, but I personally liked reading a ridiculous rags-to-riches book for a change. In another review (where the book in question was far better than here, it must be said) I mentioned that I enjoyed reading it for the same reason I like eating at Burgerfuel sometimes. This would be more like McDonalds. Or Pizza Hut which apparently is not actually as bad in other countries. To clarify: In New Zealand, the first slice of Pizza Hut pizza is edible/enjoyable. After that it's about as pleasant as eating cardboard.

Anyway my point is, this is not a good book, but I liked it. I also enjoyed bashing it after reading ( metaphorically, of course - the book itself remains in fine condition). Hours of fun either way.