The Pattern of Fear

The Pattern of Fear - Drew Chapman Though The Patter of Fear is a debut novel, it doesn’t read as one: Drew Chapman handles his characters and storyline with ease. Once a few awkward character introductions are out of the way the story takes off, and it’s no-holds-barred the entire time. Reilly is a compelling antihero, and most of the cast of characters that surround him are equally engaging. The plot itself is nail-bitingly tense, with a semi-fictional present setting allowing for some very interesting questions to be considered. How far would a government go to stop its own people rebelling? What happens when the line between “good” and “bad” is blurred? How could our reliance on technology be used to start – and win – a bloodless war?

I will admit to knowing absolutely nothing about stocks and shares and Wall Street, and almost nothing about computers and hacking, and very little about China or even America. None of this hindered my enjoyment in the slightest, and I also felt that nothing rang false for me in terms of the written manipulations and interactions of all these elements. I really enjoyed reading this - far more than I expected to, in fact.

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