A Fatal Likeness

A Fatal Likeness - Lynn Shepherd I have never attempted to read this book, so I can't comment on whether it's good or bad, but I do think it's a shame that people are reading this, instead of something much more stimulating for grown-up minds. I really shouldn't be able to make comments like this without even attempting to know what I am talking about but it's not petty at all, because I say it isn't.

Of course the lack-of-hype for A Fatal Likeness, and the fact that I'd never heard of it, means it must be good, as over-hyped books are dreadfully wearying and bound to be bad. Fortunately, because this book has not been over-hyped, it means that the life will not be sucked from every other book ever, so other ordinary authors don't have to worry about being overshadowed. Any writer that does start to write decent books should stop before they become excessively popular and ruin it for everyone else.

If this does happen to an author, the best move for them would be to write only for children, as children do not deserve or need mentally-stimulating or well written stories (and therefore, of course, no children's books are either well written or mentally-stimulating).

Don't worry - I'm sure this won't happen to Lynn Shepard anyway, as she is far to busy complaining about other authors ruining everything for everyone (but not in a jealous way, mind) to actually be writing anything decent.

This could actually be a good book. She could actually be a lovely person. I guess I'll never know.