Days of Blood & Starlight

Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor Though not as good as it's predecessor, I still found this funny and beautiful in parts, and will be waiting in frustration for the next book to hopefully bring the story to a brilliant conclusion.

UPDATE: Dammit, why do these books just keep getting better with every re-read? There's a few parts here where the plot drags a little, and the end kind of happens in a big rush of madness that leaves you a little breathless and bewildered, but on the whole I seem to have forgotten that this is actually a really good sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The different character viewpoints adds a little dimension, and Karou has really grown up here - no wonder, being reponsible (or so she sees it) for the near destruction of her entire race. I'm glad that there is no fluffy happy ending but I still have hope (note the intentional use of the word) that the series will end with Akiva and Karou alive and together. Though I will admit that Ziri would make an ok replacement... but no, not the same.