Gullstruck Island

Gullstruck Island - Frances Hardinge This really really deserves an amazing review. I can't write even a half decent one right now - not until work is over for the year and christmas and all its madness has passed, and I can sit down and try and formulate words that might, maybe, come close to describing this book. Another read may be in order.

One thing I will say - the only thing that felt naggingly familiar throughout the book (amidst all the strange new uniqueness of everything) was the relationship between the volcanoes - the aloof Sorrow standing apart from the two warriors who had fought over her. Only at the end did the obvious hit me (because I read the author explaining it): the inspiration was, of course, the story of Taranaki, Tongariro and Pirongia. As half my family is from Taranaki and the tale is such a familiar one, I can't believe I missed it!

With this new-found knowledge, here are some very kiwi pictures that I can't get out of my head in relation to Gullstruck Island:

Three Sisters, Tongaporutu, Taranaki

Pink and White Terraces, Rotorua

Taranaki cliff

Tongaporutu, Taranaki

Rocks on Tongaporutu Beach, Taranaki