If I Stay

If I Stay - Gayle Forman Prepare for a rather scattered, confused review - I"m not really sure how to write about this book!

If I Stay was a remarkably average read. The plot certainly has the potential to be interesting - girl in a coma choosing whether to live or die - and the characters are quite lovely, I suppose. They have to be, they're written that way (meaning I found it a little forced. Maybe I'm just horribly cynical). It was just... fairly dull. I did love the inclusion of music, though a few of the clich├ęs around this felt jarring while reading. There were a few moments that felt genuinely heartbreaking. The writing was pleasantly readable - neither awful nor stunning. The "sex" scene (was it even a sex scene? I'm actually not sure) was possibly the most cringe-worthy thing I have ever read, ever, almost deserving of me giving a single star rating to the entire book, but luckily other moments make up for it. There is no love triangle. The relationship in this is flawed but strong, an unusual and refreshing change from typical YA relationships. The whole "teenage first person present" narration is getting increasing less readable in YA books, but that isn't really the author's fault, it's simply over done. The voices felt the same: ten-year-old Mia sounded like 17-year-old Mia sounded like seven-year-old Teddy etc etc.

I guess I can sum up my feelings towards this by saying I was left underwhelmed but not disappointed. I can see a huge number of people adoring this, it's just not for me.