Melting Stones

Melting Stones - Tamora Pierce I absolutely adore Tamora Pierce, and was pretty excited when I saw that Will of the Empress was not going to be a stand-alone book. I really really wish I wasn't going to say this but I found Melting Stones a real let-down. I'm too frustrated to write a proper review so I'll explain my feelings through a list:

The pros:
*Got to learn a little about what happened in Gyonxe

*The stone magic was kinda cool

*Rosethorn was as sharp as ever

*The idea for the volcano spirits, and how the Emelan version of a volcano is created was pretty original and fairly interesting.

The cons:
*Evvy is whiny, bitter, annoying and plain unlikeable. I understand that she's been through a lot, and blah blah blah but to care about a character enough to be invested in their fate, there has to be something likeable about them. Pierce is usually great at flawed but likeable characters, and Evvy is an unusual let-down in this respect.

*The main plot line was completely obvious, to the point where I had to go back and re-read parts to be sure that the big "secret" as to why everything was dying hadn't been blatantly told to Evvy at the beginning. (I'm still not sure that it wasn't).

*Most of the supporting characters were one-dimensional and pretty pointless.

*I simply didn't care enough for anything that happened to have any impact on me, which is NOT a good thing.

On the bright side, I've just started the Immortals quartet for the first time and thet is comfortably back to her old standard.
Please Tamora, write me some more good old magic tales like the ones from my childhood!