Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales

Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales - Tamora Pierce Though I absolutely adore Tamora Pierce, and her Lioness books (actually, all her books) defined my childhood, I was less thrilled with this short story collection. I enjoyed it, yes. Newcomers to her work would not do well to start here, as most of the stories require knowledge of not only her worlds but also the characters, and characters stories, in order to really appreciate these tales.

For example, one of my favourites in the collection is from the point of view of Kitten, Daine's dragon. Doesn't ring a bell? You probably won't really get the story then. A few other characters flit in and out of mention - a Shang dragon, Numair (a number of times), Nawat the crow man whose story I was not at all familiar with making his "tale" a struggle to get through (one of my least favourites).

Also the pacing was really odd. I can pin-point exactly why, but something to do with the ending feeling like it sneaks up and then suddenly is over and you aren't quite sure what happened. No, not in a good way either.

Still, I did really enjoy most of the book. There were some real gems, especially one set in the contemporary world involving the testing of "housemothers" at a girls home. Again the pacing here was a little odd but it was a lovely read. I would simply recommend only picking this up if you are very familiar with Pierce's work and are as excited as I was to add to your Tortallian collection.