The Shadow Tracer

The Shadow Tracer - Meg Gardiner 3.75

The Shadow Tracer is M. G. Gardiner’s eleventh crime thriller, and from the very first page it is clear that we are in the hands of a professional. The reader is taken on a nail-biting ride through the Southern States, and, as Sarah’s story gains complexity, the chance of anyone getting out alive becomes doubtful.

The characters are generally well rounded, with clear motivations that fit the plot well. However, a few things are touched on that are never quite explained or developed further. Zoe seems to have a hint of a supernatural ability, or at the very least incredible intuition, but it seems to only be used when the characters need to know something to further the plot, rather than as an interesting plot point on its own. I'm still really curious to know whether this intuitive power is actually going to be utilised in later books, or if it remains a crutch for the author to lean on when fore-shadowing is needed or the character wouldn't get out of a situation without knowing something impossible to know. Luckily none of this gets in the way of the story, and for the most part, The Shadow Tracer is thoroughly enjoyable.

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